Analysis of the 2012 PBA Women in the Profession Diversity Survey

Analysis of the 2012 PBA Women in the Profession Diversity Survey

An Analysis of the 2012 PBA Women in the Profession Diversity Survey WIP 20th Annual Conference, May 9, 2013 You & the PBA WIP: Opportunities and Challenges Elisabeth Dolly Shuster Diversity Committee Mission Statement The mission of the PBA WIP Diversity Committee is to explore ways to encourage women of all backgrounds to join and be active in the WIP and the PBA and to meet their unique needs in the profession to create a culture within the WIP and the PBA that effectively values diversity and fosters inclusion and to promote the full and equal participation of women of all backgrounds in the WIP, the PBA, the legal profession and the justice system in general. Definition of Diversity

Diversity includes, but is not limited to: Race Ethnicity Religion National origin Sexual orientation, gender identity or expression Disability Age Marital status Diversity Definition cont Geography (city,small towns, rural) Work Environment (large, small and midsize firms, sole practitioners, government lawyers, in-house counsel, judiciary, parttime, full time). Note: These last two categories are not

standard EEO categories. Diversity Definition Race Ethnicity Survey White: 622, 90.80% Black/African American: 26, 3.0% Hispanic/Latino: 11, 1.61% Asian: 17, 2.48% 2 or More Races: 8, 1.17% Declined to Identify:

Diversity Definition Survey Disability cont No disability: 648, 94.60% Disability: 26, 3.80% Declined to Identify: 11, 1.61% Self Identification as having a disability Diversity Definition Survey Disability

*Apparent discrepancy More people identified a specific disability than answered yes to having one. cont None: 658, 96.06%* Physical: 14, 2.04% Deaf/hearing impairment: 1, 0.15% Mental health: 5, 0.73% Cognitive (e.g. ADD,

learning disability: 6, 0.88% Speech/language: 1, 0.88% Other: 3, 0.15% Persons with a disability specifying the disability Diversity Definition Survey Sexual Orientation, gender identity or expression cont Heterosexual: 654, 95.47% Lesbian: 14, 2.04%

Gay: 3, 0.44% Bisexual: 3, 0.44% Transgender:0,0.0 % Declined to Identify: Diversity Definition Survey Age cont Under 25:4, 0.58% 25-35: 241,

35.18% 36-45: 142, 20.73% 46-55: 148, 21.61% 56-65: 124, Diversity Definition Survey cont Marital Status Single, never

married:171, 24.96% Married, Domestic partnership, Civil Union: 448, 65.40% Divorced, Separated, Widowed: 66, 9.64% Almost two-thirds married, in a partnership or union. Diversity Definition Survey cont Familial status as caregiver NOT

INCLUDED No caregiver responsibilities: 374, 54.60% Primary caregiver responsibilities: 242, 35.33% Caregiver responsibilities, not primary: 69, 10.07% Diversity Definition Survey cont Geography Cities Small Towns Rural Urban Area/Metro: population >200,000

364, 53.14% Suburban Town, pop. < 200,000 within 30 mile radius of urban/ metro: 236, 34.54% Rural, pop. < 50,000 not adjacent to urban/ metro: Almost half do NOT 85,12.41% practice in urban area. Diversity Definition Survey cont Large Firms (>250): 46, 6.72% Medium (50-250): 64, 9.34%

Small (<50): 207, 30.22% Solo: 106, 15.47% Work Environment Large Medium Small Solo Practitioner The fewest are employed by large firms. Almost one third are employed in small firms. Diversity Definition Survey Work Environment Judiciary

Government In-House cont Judiciary: 64, 9.34% Gov./Public Entity: 63, 9.20% Not-for-Profit Org.: 49, 7.15% Private Company: 58, 8.47% Not employed as lawyer/in law: 28, 4.09 % Diversity Definition Survey Work EnvironmentWork Status Full-Time Part-Time Not Currently

Employed cont Full-Time: 599, 87.45% Part-Time: 59, 8.61% Not Currently Employed: 27, 3.94% Survey WIP Programs Recommendation Mentoring Long term mentoring commitments See WIP Members Area on PBA website:

WIP LINK Mentoring Program Volunteer Mentors for Women Listed WIP members are available to WIP members to answer questions in their areas of expertise via phone or e-mail. Survey WIP Programs Recommendation Networking For minority attorneys, especially in rural areas. Strong networking for caregivers, especially to help find reasonable flexible work. Job networking for women

and minorities. Non-work-related networking to help provide work-life balance. WIP ListServe WIP Committees: Report Card Committee Promotion of Women Mentoring Diversity Annual Meeting Retreat Midyear Meeting Communications (Voices & Views publication) Quality of Life Legislative Public Service Go to WIP website; read the descriptions.

Education & Action Issues Who Needs To Be Educated? Male/nonminority lawyers Other women lawyers Survey Why are there issues with other women lawyers? Age breakdown Caregiver breakdown Geography Education & Action Issues

WIP/PBA cont More published information on best practices for firms to improve diversity. Alternative billing & pay arrangements. Internal mentoring & support programs. Flextime/part-time/family friendly work hours. WIP website, Public Resources Button Model Policies for Alternative Work Schedules Proposed Alternative Work

Arrangement Policies Women in the Profession Report Cards 20th Annual Conference Coursebook Education & Action Issues WIP/PBA/PBI cont Mandate consideration/ inclusion of people of diverse backgrounds on panels.

Hold a symposium on diversity & staff panels with diverse speakers. PBA Diversity Team encouraging inclusion. PBI adopting encouragement of inclusion of diversity on panels. WIPs 20th Annual Conference as a start to follow-up on the survey. Education & Action Issues

WIP/PBA cont Stereotyping of women by relegating them to particular areas of law family law. Need to break down male dominated areas of practice. Equal Pay. WIP Report Card WIP Honor Roll of

Legal Organizations Welcoming to Women Anne X. Alpern Award Lynette Norton Award WIP Diversity Committee Education & Action Issues WIP/PBA cont Harassment & discrimination against women Perception that legal community finds this acceptable. Greater outreach and education on the importance of diversity

throughout the bar associations, especially in rural areas. WIP Committees, Annual & Mid-Year meetings, Fall retreat, Awards, Report Card, Voices & Views, ListServe PBA Diversity Team WIP Awards Honor Roll WIP annually recognizes PA law firms for their commitment to the advancement of women. In 2009 the Commission established its Honor Roll of Legal Organizations welcoming to Women Professionals

which honors PA firms, corporate law departments or other organizations providing legal services either public or private, that have instituted programs or initiatives that help women lawyers continue and advance in their careers while maintaining a work/life balance. Since its inception more than 18 firms, legal organizations and in-house legal departments have been named to the annual list. WIP Awards Anne X. Alpern Award cont Recognizes a female member of the PA Bar who practices or conducts professional activity primarily in Pennsylvania, has had a significant professional impact in Pennsylvania having demonstrated leadership in her law-related profession and her community and having practiced

mentoring activities and have engaged in significant activities on behalf of women in the profession. WIP Awards Recognizes cont Lynette Norton Award a female member of the PA Bar who excels in litigation of any type who has demonstrated leadership in mentoring female attorneys. PBA Diversity Team The PBA Diversity Team establishes resources and forums for enhanced communication among PBA groups with diversity initiatives. It is committed to work collaboratively with PBA leadership, staff and all other

PBA-related groups and entities, including the PA Bar Foundation, the PA Bar Insurance Fund and Trust Fund, PABAR-PAC and the PBI, to promote and enhance diversity. Each member of the Diversity Team (Diversity Ambassadors) works collaboratively with PBA groups to promote and enhance their existing diversity initiatives and/or assist with creating new opportunities. WIP has a Diversity Ambassador. The PBA Diversity Team was established by recommendation of the PBA Diversity Task Force, as unanimously approved by the PBA Board of Governors on Nov. 17, 2010. PBA Diversity Team cont The Diversity Team is assisted in its work by PBA Diversity Officer, Janis M. Leftridge, who works with the Diversity Team, the PBA Board of Governors and senior staff to develop and execute the PBA's diversity programs and works with the state's legal community to

provide resources and tools in support of diversity goals, objectives and initiatives. The Diversity Officer is meeting with the local bar associations to work on improving diversity.

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