Emergency Preparedness Overview Fall 2016 What is Emergency Services? Responsible for campus emergency readiness: Planning Technology Education Outreach Partnerships Responsibilities

SDSU Alert Emergency Supply Pods EOC Readiness AED Program Technology Integration

Duress Phones Campus Drills Ready America Program Emergency Operations Plan

Police Command Vehicle Business Continuity Planning Emergency Trailers Custodian of Records

Building Safety Coordinators Emergency Website/Facebook Campus Drone Coordinator New Student Orientation

New Employee Orientation ALICE Training Internship Program Executive Order 1056 Campus maintain emergency management program. Train all employees within one year. Conduct emergency drills & exercises. Emergency response systems

ICS, SEMS, NIMS Where do you fit? True first responders Most familiar with your building Disaster Service Worker Disaster Service Worker

Calif. Government Code Section 3100-3109 As a California state employee you may be called upon in the event of an emergency or disaster. Public employees performing duties as DSW during a disaster are contributing to the protection of life or property, or mitigating the affects of an emergency.

Public employee DSW cannot be held liable for their actions during a disaster while acting within the scope of their responsibilities. General Campus Expectations Campus emergency procedures poster Evacuation locations Building safety coordinator Types of Emergencies

Active Shooter Bomb Threats Fire Virus / Health Concern

Earthquake Civil Disturbances Spill / Gas Leak Traffic Accidents

Power Outages Medical Aid Calls Crime Scenes NCAA Basketball Bomb Scare Chill Plant Fire Calling for Help

Call 911 for crimes in progress and life threatening emergencies. 594-1991 for non-emergencies. Stay calm and explain the problem and location. Do not hang up until told to do so. Report any conditions which may impact response.

Calling for Help Aztec Shield mobile app Emergency duress phones Fire alarm pull stations Panic alarms

Emergency Communications Current SDSU Alert, SDSU Home Page, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Info Line 866-794-8832, I-8 Message Board, KPBS, Campus Phone Tree Coming Soon: Mass Notification System IPTV Evacuations 3 Types of notices: Alarm Emergency personnel Presidential order

Know your two closest exits Assist disabled persons as needed Remain 200-feet away from structure Do not re-enter until told to do so What do you do? S.I.P. vs. Lockdown Shelter in Place: Get inside, away from doors

and windows Lockdown: Lock all doors and windows, no one goes in or outer In Place Personal Readiness Ready America ALICE Training CPR/AED Training

Personal Readiness Are you prepared to stay on campus as a Disaster Service Worker? Do you have a plan at home? Be familiar with your buildings floor plan and all emergency exits

Know where fire extinguishers, first aid kits & AEDs Have an emergency kit/pack in your office & car Upcoming Events CPR / AED Training Sep. 20th National Preparedness Month September

Great California Shakeout Oct. 20th Earthquake simulator Questions Lamine Secka Director of Emergency Services SDSU Police Department [email protected] [email protected] 619-594-7903

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