Biology Agendas

Biology Agendas

BIOLOGY AGENDAS Spring 2012 Biology F. 3/16 Review yesterdays warm up Sex-linked traits and codominance CW/HW: Sex-linked traits and codominance wss 1. The 23rd pair of chromosomes that determines gender and other traits. X and Y. 2. XX for females and XY for males

3. Organism that has one recessive allele for a trait, but doesnt show the trait. 4. They are mostly male. Biology Th. 3/15 Warm Up 1. What are the sex chromosomes? 2. What is the genotype for males? For females? 3. What is a carrier? 4. List all the people you know who are color blind. Review quiz

Stamp and review di-hybrid crosses ws Sex-linked traits notes and ws Biology T. 3/13 Warm Up 1. What process did you model when you cut the homologous chromosomes apart in yesterdays lab? 2. What law of Mendels does #1 represent? 3. What process did you model when you pulled one random chromosome from each parent? 4. What law of Mendels does #3 represent?

5. Pair the following terms: Homozygous, hybrid, purebred, heterozygous Di-hybrid crosses Quiz tomorrow: vocab through #21 & Punnett squares (not including di-hybrid crosses) HW: 6. complete di-hybrid crosses ws 7. Practice with Punnett squares websites posted on my blog. Biology W. 3/14

Warm Up 1. Can you tell the genotype of parents, given the phenotype of offspring for a certain trait? Explain for both no and yes. Genetics Quiz Complete di-hybrid crosses ws. Biology M. 3/12 Warm Up (no need to write this out) 1. Compare answers with your neighbor on the punnett squares.

Stamp punnetts ws Reebops partner lab Quiz Wed Reebops 1. Cut out chromosomes lay them out side by side 2. Fill in punnett squares on back 3. turn chromosomes upside down, keeping the pairs together 4. For each trait, pull one chromosome from each

parent and record in genotypes column 5. Circle your reebops genotypes in the punnett squares 6. Make reebop 7. Place on scrap paper with your name on it on side counter 8. Clean up Biology F. 3/9 Warm Up 1. In pea plants, how many alleles does each

gene have? 2. Complete the multiplication table: a b c d W

X Y Yb z Genetics Notes and punnetts Biology Thur. 3/8 Warm Up

1. Draw and label flower p. 669 figure 23.7 inset 2. Which part of the flower is male? Which part is female? 3. What is pollination? 4. What is self-pollination? 5. What is cross-pollination? Read paragraph at bottom of 277 carefully. 6. How did Mendel prevent self pollination of pea plants? Genetics notes in science journal Quiz next Wednesday terms #1-17, Ch 10.2

Biology Wed. Mar. 7 th Warm Up 1. What is the relationship between gametes (sex cells) and genetics? Test returns and review HW/CW: Genetics vocab

Biology Mon. Mar. 5 Warm Up 1. If you get a mutation in your skin cell, does that get passed down to your children? Explain Stamp & review Mutations Practice ws & Molecular Genetics ws More test review Test Tomorrow Packet due tomorrow Biology Tues. Mar. 6

th DNA & Protein Synthesis Packet 1. DNA Notes Guide (with Study Guide on back) 2. DNA: The Stuff of Life (Notes Organizer) 3. Protein Synthesis vocab sheet 4. Protein Synthesis Notes (with Transcription and Translation Worksheet on back) 5. Protein Synthesis Simulation Activity 6. Mutations Practice

7. Molecular Genetics Review Biology Fri. Mar. 2 Warm Up 1. In yesterdays lab, what did the beads represent? 2. What molecule did the complete beaded pipe-cleaner represent? 3. What process did you represent when you wrote the mRNA code from the DNA code? 4. What molecule did you model when you placed the beads on the pipe cleaner? 5. What process is modeled when the beads get placed on the pipe cleaner?

6. Are all mutations bad? Explain. CW: Complete lab Mutations ws due monday Review ws due Monday Review session in 1204 Monday after school Test Tuesday Biology Wed., February 29

th Warm Up 1. What happens if a nitrogen base gets out of order? 2. What do you call it if an extra nitrogen base gets added? 3. Gets subtracted? 4. Different nitrogen base gets put in? Stamp HW Complete all worksheets

Biology - Tuesday, February 28 th Warm Up 1. Write a paragraph describing the process of protein synthesis. Be sure to include all the vocab words shown on the board. Protein synthesis practice

Biology - Monday, February 27 Protein synthesis notes CW/HW protein synthesis notes sheet th Biology - Friday, February 24 th Stamp Protein Synthesis ws

Returns Go over quiz Warm Up 1. How many letters are in the alphabet? 2. How many words in the english language? 3. How do letters and words relate to amino acids and proteins? Go over PS worksheet Protein synthesis notes Biology - Thursday, February 23rd

DNA quiz Protein Synthesis Biology - Wednesday, February 22nd Warm Up 1. What three letters do most enzymes end with? 2. What enzyme did the scissors represent in the DNA replication activity? 3. What enzyme helps the new nitrogen bases bond to the unzipped side during replication? RNA notes

QUIZ tomorrow: DNA history, structure and replication + RNA structure Biology - Tuesday, February 21 DNA extraction lab Due at end of class st Biology - Friday, February 17

th Warm Up 1. Why does DNA have to replicate? DNA replication notes & discovery history Quiz Thursday: DNA & RNA structure, DNA replication Biology - Thursday, February 16th

Warm up 1. What is DNA replication? 2. What do you think DNA has to do before it can replicate? DNA replication cut and paste. Biology - Wednesday, February 15th Review DNA homework sheet DNA notes HW: Complete study guide for section 1 only

Biology - Tuesday, February 14 Warm Up (p. 331) 1. What are the monomers (the repeating parts) of DNA? 2. What are the pairing nitrogen bases? 3. What is the railing made of? Make your own DNA th Biology - Monday, February 13

th Warm Up 1. Brainstorm with a partner things you know about DNA. Write down as many things as you can. (Reward for the most!) Intro DNA CW/HW: DNA coloring ws DNA: what do you see?

Biology - Friday, February 10 Turn in packet 1. Meiosis work sheet (colored) 2. Ch 9 study guide (with concept map) test Journal check th Biology - Thursday, February 9th

Warm up 1. What phase is missing between meoisis I and meiosis II? 2. How many times does the DNA replicate in meiosis? 3. Is meiosis a cycle? Explain. Stamp and review meiosis ws Review for test Cell Cycle and Meiosis test tomorrow Journal Check (Warm ups) tomorrow Cell Cycle and Meiosis test Packet Meiosis work sheet (colored)

Ch 9 study guide (with concept map) Cell Cycle and Meiosis test Packet Meiosis work sheet (colored) Ch 9 study guide (with concept map) Biology - Wednesday, February 8 th Warm Up

Complete VENN diagram in your notes with information from text p. 275 Meiosis ws Test Friday: Ch 9 & 10.1; Asexual cell division & meiosis Biology - Tuesday, February 7 Warm Up 1. Where does meiosis happen? 2. What are the products of meiosis? Notes

Begin meiosis ws Test Friday th Biology - Monday, February 6 th Warm Up 1. Compare and contrast sex cells and body cells

Review quiz Meiosis notes Biology - Friday, February 3rd Warm Up 1. Why does my daughter have a webbed toe? Stamp study guide Review mitosis Mitosis quiz Biology - Thursday, February 2

WU Fill in BINGO card in RANDOM ORDER HW/CW: complete study guide nd Biology - Tuesday, January 31 Warm Up 1. Compare and contrast the cell cycle and your life cycle. The many faces of DNA

st Biology - Monday, January 30 Warm Up 1. How many cells are you made up of? 2. How many cells did you start out with? 3. How did you get from #2 to #1? Cell cycle notes th

Biology - Monday, January 28 th New Unit: Cell Division SB2 Students will analyze how biological traits are passed on to successive generations. b. Explain the role of DNA in storing and transmitting cellular information. e. Compare the advantages of sexual

reproduction and asexual reproduction in different situations. Biology - Friday, January 27 th Turn in Packet: 1. Ch 7 Study Guide 2. Plasma Membrane and Cell Transport vocab 3. Chemistry of Life (with triangle on top)

Turn in Osmosis Lab separately Biochem & Cell Transport Test Biology - Thursday, January 26th Warm Up 1. Observe gummi and record results Stamp study guide/returns/attendance Osmosis practice ws with test study guide on back Review Ch 7 study guide Review last weeks quiz HW: Complete Osmosis potato lab

Test Tomorrow: Biochemistry, plasma membrane and Cell Transport Biology - Wednesday, January 25th Warm Up 1. Check on condition of gummi and record observation 2. Write a hypothesis for what might happen if the gummi is placed in salt water. 3. Add salt to water and replace on counter. Complete notes on solutions and active transport

Osmosis Lab due tomorrow Study Guide due tomorrow Biochem and Cell Transport Test Friday Ch 6.2-4, Ch 7.2 & 7.4 Biology - Tuesday, January 24th Warm Up 1. Your row is your group 2. Row 1 is closest to door 3. Label a plastic cup with period and row number. 4. Drop a Gummi Bear into cup

5. Fill cup to halfway with water 6. Write a hypothesis about how gummi will react. Notes on Passive and Active transport Study Guide due Thursday TEST FRIDAY: Biochemistry and Cellular Transport Biology - Monday, January 23 rd Stamp vocab sheet

Warm Up (You can discuss these quietly with a neighbor before answering) 1. How is the plasma membrane like a screen door with a cat door in it? 2. Think of two other analogies for a plasma membrane. 3. What major macromolecule group is the plasma membrane made of? Plasma Membrane Notes Biology - Thursday, January 19

th Complete biochemistry lab Work on study guide, if extra time Check out new water and pH power point posted on blog. Reminders Study guide 6.2-4 due tomorrow Biochem quiz tomorrow Biology - Tuesday, January 17

Turn in syllabus Notes on Enzymes and Energy of Reaction HW: Quiz Friday, Ch6.2-4 Complete study guide due Friday TOMORROW IS A LAB DAY! Wear close-toed shoes bring hair tie th

Biology - Friday, January 13 th 1. Number a sheet of paper 1-8 2. Pass pictures around and 3. write down the name of the food next to its number 4. CLASSIFY each food by its macromolecules: Proteins Lipids

Carbohydrates Nucleic acids (in anything that contains cells) Biology - Friday, January 13 Turn in syllabus Take out notes sheet Macromolecules notes th Biology - Thursday, January 12

th Turn in syllabus/attendance Stamp vocab HW Complete top triangle in Chemistry of Life Video clip on macromolecules

Biology - Wednesday, January 11th Attendance syllabus Review biochem pretest Complete vocab and organizer ws

HW Get syllabus signed Ch 6.2-4 quiz next Friday Bring 70 sheet spiral notebook for warm-ups Biology - Tuesday, January 10th WELCOME BACK!

Ms. Elgqvist brief intro About You flashcards/Check Schedules Expectations Biochemistry Pretest BRING TEXTBOOK TOMORROW Get 70 sheet notebook for science journals

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