Cooperative Work Experience - MiraCosta College

Cooperative Work Experience - MiraCosta College

Teach in the Field as a Faculty Mentor Internship Studies & Cooperative Work Experience Courses: 292 & 299 Before You Begin Email/attachments from Nina Lovejoy Student Data Form Course #, Section #, # Units, Paid Status

Email/attachments from Donna Davis Model Syllabus 3 Required Forms Your Blackboard Course Easy as 3, 2, 1

3 required documents 2 in-person visits to the students internship or job site 1 student per section (typically)

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

Contact the student within the first week Review all course requirements Teach the student how to write SMART job-oriented learning objectives for the Training Agreement (TA) Conduct two site visits; facilitate forms completion Grade all assignments Transcribe student hours worked to TA Collect, review, and submit the three required forms to the Career Center Submit rosters and grades on SURF per A&R Roster

Management The Models Student Orientation

Syllabus/Assignments Blackboard Class Use the models, amend them, or create your own Advise the students of your amendments and expectations ASAP Submit your revised syllabus to the Career Center to share with other faculty mentors interested in amending the model syllabus The Model Syllabus SMART Job-oriented

Learning Objectives SMART Learning Objectives YouTube Examples - Ed Muzio, CEO Group Harmonics - Joanne, Project Trainer An Amended Syllabus

Model Blackboard Class The First Site Visit Review the quiz, setting goals essay, syllabus, Training Agreement, and Supervisor Evaluation Develop job-oriented learning

objectives SMART: Specific, Measurable, ActionOriented, Relevant, Time-bound Individualized to the student, job, & site Discuss the SLOs for the course Determine individual project; set due Site Supervisors

Attention Employers & Supervisors Letter Expectations Supervision, Mentoring, Site Visits Verification (monthly hours) Evaluation

Learning Objectives on Training Agreement (TA) Supervisor Evaluation of Student Intern/Employee (SE) Fair Labor Standards Act (slide 18) Student Learning Outcomes SLOs

Students will be able to apply each S.M.A.R.T. characteristic to all of their on-the-job learning objectives. Students will be able to self-assess their degree of achievement of their on-the-job learning objectives and to identify specific factors that affected their degree of achievement. Students will demonstrate competence in five targeted workplace competencies. SLO Assessme nt

Assess each students achievement of each SLO. Training Agreemen t Monthly and total hours must be entered by faculty mentor and verified/ initialed by supervisor at the 2nd site visit. Student and supervisor

evaluation of objectives are critical and are assessed as the second course SLO. Supervisor Evaluation This evaluation form is included the syllabus, in your Blackboard class, and at s

. Student competencies are Original are assessedsignatures as the third required and are to be course SLO. obtained from all parties at the second site visit. Fair Labor Standards

Act For complete U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet # 71 Interns Successfully Sue Fox Searchligh Pictures Documentation Post grades to Bb and your SURF roster Submit completed and signed forms to

the Career Center, OC4700, mail: 8A SLO Assessment (slide 15) Training Agreement (slide 16) Supervisor Evaluation (slide 17) Mileage Authorization & Claim (slide 20) Due 3 business days after finals Mileage Reimbursement Print and complete the Online Mileage Authorization Request

Submit it to Career Center for signature & forwarding to Risk Management After being approved by Risk Management, complete & submit Mileage Claim Form to Career Center, OC4700 or MS 8A If you have difficulty completing or printing the Mileage Authorization Request try a different browser or contact the Career Center for assistance.

Compensation LHE (lecture hour equivalent) Non-Carnegie compliant: 60 hours of nonpaid work = 1 unit; 75 hours of paid work =1 unit Non-Carnegie compliant compensation

chart developed LHE is .227 per student (approximately 3.75 student contact hours at your hourly rate) Feedback Share students final reflective essays. What works well?

What should be changed? Meet with Donna Davis Review Forms Q&A

Donna Davis 760-757-2121-6576 [email protected] View Student Orientation Intern/Co-op Student Orientation

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