IM 2018 - 1.3 LG Sherlock - Using big data to connect ...

IM 2018 - 1.3 LG Sherlock - Using big data to connect ...

LGAQs approach to Data LG Sherlock paign=2c43f12a3d-LGSherlockEDM03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b7d5a9cfc0-2c43f12a3d-324727 685 Background Strategy LG Sherlock Next Steps Nexus of Forces Four unique areas are evolving

Individually and combined create disruption Cloud Social Media Data Mobility As a member based organisation, how do we obtain the strategic value o

The value of data for members, for us? DIGITAL PRODUCTIVITY Assessing the changing digital requirements, maturity and capabilities of local government across Queensland 88% of councils report they are not only collecting data, but the information

collected is a critical asset to council 48% of councils understand how to use data to inform strategic decisions 75% of councils

believe that skills are a barrier to technology adoption 85% Agree that the digital economy will help council deliver better services

the LGAQ saw an opportunity to assist Queensland councils realise additional potential and set about developing the data science program - LGSherlock LG Sherlock 4 prong strategy After a period of time, recognised the following were key for a big data strategy: Intent/Leadership value of data is part of the culture Data identify data sets, repositories, value ranking, governance, management if its an asset, lets treat it that way including investment. People new skills, analytics, BA, DA, Data Scientists Tools rapidly developing solutions advanced analytics, visualisation, data

platforms Analytics Hub LG Sherlock Intent/Leadership LGAQ help sets the agenda and resolves to be a data-driven organisation Creates structures, process and incentives to support analytic decision making Builds upon benchmarking and existing programs ie Better Councils, Better Communities A new mantra data-centric Data Digital Productivity Report - only 8% have confidence in their data (Bain 19%) Councils unaware of the asset and the significant business value

Councils not investing, as they would with other assets LGAQ and business subsidiaries need to recognise the value LocalBuy and procurement (clearly identify who owns the data that is collected in procurement contracts) Need to create a strategic plan for collecting and organising data People Data scientists expertise in statistics, correlation and quality Business analysts, identify and prioritse the problems worth solving and the business relevance of data anomalies and patterns identified by the data scientists

Technical specialists who help manage the hardware and software needed to collect, clean and process the data Data skills sets high demand broader play in future skills Tools Advanced Analytics and Big Data tools are developing rapidly A range of new market entrants are rapidly emerging and evolving to addresss analytic opportunities, rich ecosystem of mature analytics, visualisation and data management Global leading solution providers including Accenture, Microsoft and Amazon The concept of a data lake/warehouse or similar platform that could allow data sets to be combined in new ways that allowed relationships and patterns to be

understood would drive future decision making PROGRESS to date Since commencing the program six months ago, the LGAQ has: Executed a series of pilot projects on dogs, electricity and vehicle fleets to demonstrate the benefits of big data Established its own analytics capability with Data Scientists and a high-end technology platform Developed a range of business planning and strategy documents to determine how councils will best access the future service Undertaken state-wide consultation and developed an Analytics

Forward Work Program. ASSET MGMT fleet maintenance Queensland councils own thousands of pieces of mobile equipment, with a replacement value worth hundreds of millions/annum. Sherlock is working with councils on fleet usage

and a predictive model that will advise a council on the most cost effective management of their vehicles ASSET MGMT electricity usage Australian has some of the most expensive electricity in the world, with Queensland councils estimated to

spend $250M annually. Sherlock has identified opportunities improve energy consumption and reduce cost ANIMAL MGMT barking dogs Identifying opportunities to reduce barking dog complaints by applying advanced

analytical techniques over disparate datasets PROGRESS next steps Develop the next phases of fleet and energy analytics solutions with councils (19 councils have expressed interest to participate in development activities) Develop a public facing council comparison tool

Commencing a Block Chain pilot that seeks to improve regulatory compliance, by developing Smart Contracts in partnership with the Queensland Audit Office that will ensure councils meet procurement requirements and that any assets procured have an insurance policy in place. A further $3M is being budgeted on a Household Engagement and Targeted Messaging solution Finalise the installation of a range of IoT devices across multiple Queensland councils, with the goal to improve utility consumption costs, service delivery and

asset maintenance Continue to build the LGAQs data science centre of excellence Scope out the next round of analytics projects, these are currently set to include road maintenance, finance and footpath maintenance Questions?

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