International Telecommunication Union - TT

International Telecommunication Union - TT

Joint IEEE-SA and ITU Workshop on Ethernet IEEE 802.1 Steve Haddock Interworking chair, IEEE 802.1 Glenn Parsons vice-chair, IEEE 802.1 Geneva, Switzerland, 13 July 2013 IEEE 802.1Q 2 IEEE 802.1 Working Group Tony Jeffree, chair Glenn Parsons, vice chair Eric Gray, secretary

Task Groups Interworking (IWK, Stephen Haddock) Internetworking among 802 LANs, MANs and other wide area networks Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN, Michael David Johas Teener) Time-synchronized low latency streaming services through IEEE 802 networks Data Center Bridging (DCB, Patricia Thaler) Enhancements to satisfy the requirements of protocols and applications in the data center Security (Mick Seaman) Authentication, access control, key agreement, and encryption for 802 LANs Maintenance (Glenn Parsons) IEEE 802.1Q

3 IEEE 802.1 Standards The ones with capital letters, e.g. 802.1Q or 802.1AX are independent standards Amendments to these standards are identified by lower case letters e.g. 802.1ah, 802.1Qbg or 802.1AEbn Periodically the amendments get merged into a revision of the main standard, e.g. 802.1ah and 802.1Qay are now part of 802.1Q-2011 802.1Q can be considered as many individual standards (RFCs) integrated into a single document Clauses 6 through 9 give a general overview of the 802.1Q bridge architecture To get oriented on an additional area, its best to read the Clause titled the Principles of

Once oriented, references in the subclause of Clause 5 Conformance for the relevant device can be helpful

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