Kesgrave High School Sixth Form

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form Parent Information Evening Thursday 19th September What you need to know Students can come into school and use our facilities from 8am to 5 30pm Registration closes at 9am

Students are not allowed to do paid work during school hours We recommend that students work no longer than 10 hours a week Students can have driving lessons during one study period a week (not PSHEE or registration) What you need to know Students are expected to be at school all day, including study periods for now. Students may be given some sign out privileges

after February half-term. This will be for study periods in the afternoon and will be dependant on report data, attendance and participation in the elective programme. Full sign out is given to the students towards the end of the summer term. This is also dependant on the above. Attendance Protocol As parents you need to tell us if your child is not coming in to school.

Please call us on 01473 618993 or email using the address [email protected] before 9.00 a.m. on every day of absence Truancy Call: Each student absent from morning registration and first lesson you will receive an automated text message. You can text back and this will automatically be recorded. Why? Poor attendance can have a huge impact on learning and grades:

Attendance below 90% equates to a drop of half a grade. Below 80% equates to a drop of one whole grade. References requested for UCAS, training courses and employers will include students attendance record. If attendance becomes an issue: Step 1 a meeting will be arranged with the student. Appropriate targets will be set. Attendance will be monitored for two weeks. Step 2 If no improvement the student will be put on daily

attendance/punctuality check for two further weeks. This will be reviewed at the end of each day by the Head of Year. A letter will be sent home to parents informing them of this step. If attendance becomes an issue: Step 3 If attendance remains poor a meeting with the student, Parent/Carer and Head of Year will be arranged. Step 4 If there is no improvement and attendance is below 90% the school reserves the right to charge for exam entries.

If attendance falls below 85% this is deemed by the government to denote a persistent absentee and unless there are extenuating circumstances students may be withdrawn from their courses. The school does not authorise absence for the following reasons: Holidays Part-time or full-time work which is not part of the students programme of study Leisure activities

Birthdays or similar celebrations Child-minding siblings Non-emergency Dental appointments Non-emergency Doctors appointments Unwell at school If students are unwell during school, they must speak to someone from the sixth form team. If we feel they need to go home we have to inform parents first. We also decide if it is safe for them to make

their own way home or whether they need to be collected. Students will then be signed out by Mrs Smith. Subjects and electives Most students are on 4 subjects Window for making changes closes tomorrow Report data will be available before halfterm. Students wishing to drop to 3 subjects can do so when the data is published. This allows them to make informed decisions.

Subjects and electives In addition to their A levels, students are required to participate in an elective session once a week to help enrich their CV! Employers and universities/colleges acknowledge the Elective programme as a key component of Post16 studies. Subjects and electives

All students must complete an elective unless they are. Already attending Maths or English GCSE sessions. Completing CPLD Work Experience Going on the Shamwari Expedition Monitoring and Assessment We monitor both students attainment and Commitment to Learning (CTL) throughout their time in 6th form.

You will receive this information at the following points. October 2019 (attainment and CTL) January 2020 (full reports) March 2020 (full reports) July 2020 (mock exam results and CTL) Parents evening - 19th November 2019 New style reports

Study leave and Mock Exams Year 12 study leave for mocks is from Monday 1st June until Friday 12th June. Mock exam results will be given to students and parents in July. Students who gain a U grade in their mocks will meet with the leadership team/subject teachers to discuss options for Year 13

AS Public Exams Some students may choose to sit the public AS exam in May if it is available for that subject. This decision has to be made by February 2020 and staff will ask their classes at the time. If a student decides to continue the course the AS grade will not count towards their full A level and they will be required to pay for their AS exam (essentially it becomes a resit). Students achieving a U in an AS exam will not be able to continue in that subject in year 13.

Subjects that can offer an AS exam Biology ICT (BTEC certificate) Business Maths

Chemistry Music Performance RSL Environmental Science Music Technology French Physics

Further Maths Psychology German Religious Studies Government + Politics

Sociology Health + Social Care BTECS that have public exams Childrens Play - Jan 2020 Engineering - June 2020 ICT - Jan 2020 Creative Media - Jan 2020 Applied Psychology - Jan 2020 Applied Science - Jan 2020

Maths and English GCSEs English 4th November 6th November Maths Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) - Tuesday 5th November 2019 - 9am Paper 2 (Calculator) - Thursday 7th November 2019 - 9am Paper 3 (Calculator) - Monday 11th November 2019 - 1.30pm Firefly

This is our online learning platform All homework is set on Firefly Parents can see what the homework is and when it is due in Parents of new students to Kesgrave should email Caroline Hunt on [email protected] Registration and PSHE Transition workshops Academic writing, scientific skills, how not to plagiarise etc.

Driving safety Teenage Cancer Trust What Apprenticeships are out there and how to apply for them Entrepreneur who comes to discuss how to set up your own business Build up their portfolio of skills Registration Monday Form Quiz and mentoring Tuesday PSHEE (9am-10am) Wednesday Morning Enrichment

Thursday Subject task Friday Assembly Events in Year 12 BT Hothouse BEST Event Essex University Higher Education Trip HE Conference at the University of Suffolk BT Hothouse event December 2021

Opportunity to learn new skills in a professional environment Brainstorming tips Help groups prioritise their ideas and showed them how to think commercially They presented their ideas in a Dragons Den-style pitch Developed some of the soft skills required in a professional workplace Networking opportunities for work experience and apprenticeships Free and we have coaches to take them to and from the venue

Essex University Higher Education Trip Insight day to get a flavour of what it is like to study at university Interactive taster sessions with academics from many different subjects Meet and chat with a range of employers from a variety of industries, all of whom will be keen to answer questions about future career path Opportunity to have a look at student accommodation Student Ambassadors to talk to students about what it is really like to go to university

HE Conference at the University of Suffolk Opportunity to talk to Universities from all over the country BEST EVENT (Business, Employment, Skills, Training) Students select a number of careers that they are interested in We organise people to come in to school to talk about their career

many of them are old Kesgrave students Film industry, doctors, social workers, personal trainers, event management paramedics, psychologists, lawyers etc Opportunity to network Sleep Across the country there is an issue with young adults not getting enough sleep Has a huge impact on their learning We cannot emphasise enough how important a good sleep routine is If sleep is an issue do come and see me for support

Sleep hygiene good sleep habits Go to bed a regular times Do not have naps earlier in the day Stop playing games online an hour before bedtime Dont look at mobile devices for at least an hour before bedtime Exercise helps us sleep but it must not be too close to bedtime Chocolate and fizzy drinks can keep people awake as well as coffee/tea

5 Steps to good well being: There are 5 practical things we can all do to improve our happiness and mental well being. These are recommended by a number or organisations including the NHS and Mind. They are really useful at times of stress but it is recommended that they become part of our daily lives. And finally We have been impressed with the positive ethos adopted by year 12

students so far and look forward to their continued focus and application during this term and beyond. Thank you for coming We are now available for questions. Mrs Wheatley and Mrs McLaughlin

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