Literature Paper 1 - Shakespeare & 19th Century text

Literature Paper 1 - Shakespeare & 19th Century text

Literature Paper 1 Shakespeare & 19th Century text The questions are an invitation for students to write about and offer their own understanding. At the highest level students explore the extract and whole text holistically Thesis statement and analysis works well prescribed structures appear to be less obvious now (good thing) References to the text as well as direct quotations are being used to good effect showing students ability to explore relevant details in the text writers methods, overuse, misuse and inappropriate use of subject terminology continues to be the biggest issue Conversely, students are not just focusing on language and are looking at methods from a wider perspective too Theories from Marxism/Feminism etc. dont add to students understanding of the text and tend not to add to the interpretations offered or their own understanding

Shakespeare Macbeth Encourage students to read the extract carefully Parallels between scenes were used to good effect Romeo and Juliet Some students didnt understand the scene was a key moment ensure this is understood in moments from the text Scepticism about the relationship between R&J showed personal response to the text Merchant of Venice No specific feedback on this text Lessons from Shakespeare whole text knowledge is paramount, linking of or comparison of events is useful, knowing key moments/scenes/importance of events is required, personal response with analytical engagement is excellent, students must read the extract carefully, thesis introduction helps students shape their personal response. 19th Century Text

A Christmas Carol Some students offered a narrative approach to the text rather than addressing the how and why Linking to the themes worked well The Sign of Four Students who understood the key focus in the question justice did well Jekyll and Hyde How and why in particular the character was presented in a particular way offered strongest responses Work needed on the idea of duality Lessons from the 19th Century Text Ensure potential key question focus areas are fully understood, avoid a narrative approach, promote how and why? Approach to analysis, explore themes and ensure any misconceptions of key ideas in the text are fully explored.

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