METL Assessment: Oscar Co.

METL Assessment: Oscar Co.

METL Assessment: Oscar Co. 25 April 2018 1 Overall Assessment: Last Year This Year Academic P P Military P U Moral-Ethical T T Physical Fitness P P

2 Academic: P (Needs Practice) Strengths Improved Fall 2017 GPA Good network of tutors and materials in company. ESP climate maintained from prev. year. Weaknesses Lack of individual motivation. Poor time management (Videogames, etc.) Spring 2018 GPA predicted to be lower than Fall 2017 3 Academic: Cum GPA last year Cum GPA this year Class Absences last year Class Absences this year Number Academically Deficient last year

Number Academically Deficient this year 1C 2.92 2.69 47/8 82/53 N/A 2 2C 2.89 3.07 43/15 59/19 N/A 2 3C

2.74 2.76 59/19 43/15 N/A 5 4C 2.77 2.92 72/53 37/8 N/A 3 Total 2.83 2.87 221/95

221/95 N/A 12 4 Academic Strategy: Academic Off., NCO engage w/ at-risk academic cadets. Develop thorough study plans within 1st mo. upon return. Connect with in-company tutor. Incorporate Academic Advisor (LTC Fuller). Top-down enforcement of ESP environment. 5 Military: U (Unsatisfactory) Strengths MRIs / SMIs Weaknesses Peer Leadership severely lacking. Formations (Inspections, Secondary Movement, arriving on time.). Unmotivated leaders foster lax, undisciplined environment. Numerous jumps of chain of command.

Broken culture due to neglect of enforcement of military structure/discipline over time. 6 Military: 1C Avg parade results Avg parade results Class I Offenses last year this year last year N/A N/A 5 Class I Offenses this year 1 Suitability Boards Suitability Boards last year this year 0 1 2C N/A N/A 1

2 0 0 3C N/A N/A 4 2 1 0 4C N/A N/A 2 0 0 1

Total 7th Place Average 10th Place Average 12 5 1 3 7 Military Strategy: Top-down enforcement of standards. Uniform, timeliness, bearing, etc. Holding rank-holding cadets accountable. Set expectations Enforce consequences for neglect of duty. Resume scheduled cleaning protocols for inspections (MRI/SMI) Item a Day every day for MRIs leading up to SMIs. Deadline for leave requests with personal request. Thursday before leave is requested for. 8 Character: T (Trained)

Strengths No 4th Class Violations. No discrimination/hazing. No In-Violation HVs. Weaknesses N/A 9 Character: Number of honor Number of honor Number of in Number of in Number of sexual accusations last accusations this violation honor violation honor harassment/ year year findings last year findings this year assault incident reports last year Number of sexual harassment/ assault incident reports this year 1C 0 0 0 0

0 0 2C 0 0 0 0 0 0 3C 0 1 2 0 0 1 4C

1 1 0 0 0 0 Total 1 2 2 0 0 1 10 Character Strategy: CDR, XO, 1SG: Ensure that your behavior is moral/ethical. Lead by example. Ensure Honor Reps are at meetings and are approachable. Available in disciplinary matters to avoid potential conflicts (Improper questions,

honor violations, etc). 11 Physical Effectiveness: P (Needs Practice) Strengths Leadership during PT Platoon Leader/ Sergeant leadership Emphasis on Intramurals Weaknesses Individual motivation for at-risk cadets Accountability (ROTC) Imbalanced focus (Intramurals over PT). 12 Physical Effectiveness: CPFT avg last yearCPFT avg this year Number of CPFT Number of CPFT Number of H & W Number of H & W failures last year failures this year failures last year failures this year 1C 253.29 201.18 0 2

0 1 2C 214.35 239.86 0 0 1 0 3C 239.28 239.67 0 0 0 0 4C

245.68 212.12 1 2 0 0 Total 232.41 224.6 1 4 1 1 13 Physical Effectiveness Strategy: Athletic Officer: Individual PT plans, follow up w/ at-risk cadets. Track intramural participation.

Have company accounted for prior to PT. Keep track on PT accountability w/ in and off-season sports. Use remedial PT as a tool. 14 Co. CDR, TAC Comments: Emphasis on upholding standards. Formation Uniform Rank-holders must perform or be replaced. Utilization of Chain of Command. TAC-Jumping Establishment of military culture. Enforcement of blue/white book. Discipline in all matters. 50% Improvement Strategy 15

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