Poetry Vocabulary

Poetry Vocabulary

Shakespearean Terms Antagon ist Definition a character who opposes the main character

Aside Definition in drama, a sort of speech spoken by a character in an undertone, or directly, to the audience. It is not meant to be heard by the other

characters on stage but only by the audience Climax Definition the highest point of rising action in a literary work

Couple t Definition two successive lines of rhyming poetry

Dialogue Definition conversation between two or more characters in a literary work Drama Definition

literary form designed for the theater, in which actors impersonate characters and perform the action and dialogue Epilogu e

Definition closing section of a literary work that provides further comment, interpretation, or information Figurati ve

Definition the implied meaning of a word or action Foot (metrical) Definition

the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables which make up the rhythmic unit of a line of poetry Free verse

Definition verse written without a regular meter or rhyme Iamb Definition a metrical foot consisting of an

unstressed syllable followed by stressed syllable Foreshadowi ng Definition the use of hints or clues in a

narrative to suggest what action is to come, used to create and build suspense Soliloquy Definition a speech given by a character

alone on stage or apart from the other characters. It is used to summarize actions, foreshadow events, reveal thoughts (or emotions), and clarify emotions. The other characters do not hear what the character is saying

Monologu e Definition an extended speech given by one character. The other characters are aware of what is being said

Protagoni st Definition the main character of a story Comic

Relief Definition a humorous scene, remarks or comments occurring in the middle of a tragic scene. It is deliberately added to relieve stress or emotion

Pun Definition the use of a word to suggest two, or more, meanings at one time Traged y

Definition a drama, in which the protagonist suffers disaster but, in doing so, retains heroic stature Tragic Hero Definition

a person of nobility who has a tragic flaw or weakness that leads directly to his downfall Tragic Flaw Definition a flaw that leads directly to a

characters downfall (ie: lust for power, indecision, or jealousy) Sonnet Definition a poem of 14 lines written in iambic pentameter

Iambic Pentameter Definition a line of poetry having five iambs Meter

Definition poetic measure referring to stressed and unstressed syllables Rhyme Scheme Definition

the pattern of rhymes used in a poem, usually marked by letters to indicate corresponding rhyme Quatrai n Definition

each four line segment of a sonnet Play-Within-aPlay Definition secondary performances mimic several other dramatic forms, including masques, pantomimes,

comedies, tragedies. They typically serve to comment on the action or to develop the plot.

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