Population Dynamics - bcsc.k12.in.us

Population Dynamics - bcsc.k12.in.us

Population Dynamics Ecology Chapter 4.1 Principles of Population Growth

A population is a group of organisms of the same species that live in a specific area. Healthy populations will grow and die at a relatively steady rate unless resources run out or disease. Population Growth

Populations grow on a J-curve or exponential curve. Rates start slow and then rapidly increase. Limits on Growth

Can populations grow forever? NO. Populations reach limiting factors like food, disease, predators, lack of space. This is depicted in a graph of population #s as a S-curve.

Carrying Capacity The number of organisms of one species that an environment can support indefinitely is its carrying capacity. What is humans carrying capacity?

Reproduction Patterns In nature, animals and plant populations

change in size- even at different times of the year. Reproductive patterns are known as lifehistory patterns. There are two patterns- slow (humans) and rapid (mosquitoes). Slow and Fast life-history

Rapid- usually small organisms in unpredictable environments that rapidly mature and have a short life. Slow- live in stable environments and have a long life span and mature slowly. They usually live around the carrying capacity.

Density factors Density-dependent factors- factors that have an increasing effect on a large, growing

population. Diseases, predators, food, parasites. Density-independent factors- factors that affect populations regardless of size or density. Abiotic factors like fires, floods, drought Populations are either randomly spread, clumped, or uniform. Dependent or Independent?

Dependent or Independent? Uniform/Random/Clumped Predation and Population Size Populations of predators and their prey

experience cycles or changes in their numbers over periods of time. Crowding and Stress When populations are crowded, organisms

exhibit symptoms of stress. Populations exhibit aggression, decrease in parental care and decreased resistance to disease.

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