Crisis Care: A partnership approach Maqsood Ahmad Strategic

Crisis Care: A partnership approach Maqsood Ahmad Strategic

Crisis Care: A partnership approach Maqsood Ahmad Strategic Clinical Networks Manager Mental Health, Dementia and End of Life Care Constable Adele Owen Force Tactical Mental Health Lead Greater Manchester Police Drivers for Mental Health Crisis Care Partnership

What patients are telling us they want: When I need urgent help to avert a crisis I, and people close to me, know who to contact at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People take me seriously and trust my judgement when I say I am close to crisis, and I get fast access to people who help me get better. If I need emergency help for my mental health, this is treated with as much urgency and respect as if it were a physical health emergency. If the problems cannot be resolved where I am, I am supported to travel safely, in suitable transport, to where the right help is available.

Making it happen: GM Strategic Mental Health Board Priority Area: The Concordat focuses on four main areas: 1. Access to support before crisis point making sure people with mental health problems can get help 24 hours a day and that when they ask for help, they are taken seriously. 2. Urgent and emergency access to crisis care making sure that a mental health crisis is treated with the same urgency as a physical health emergency. 3. Quality of treatment and care when in crisis making sure that people are treated with dignity and respect, in a therapeutic

environment. 4. Recovery and staying well preventing future crises by making sure people are referred to appropriate services. Making it happen: supporting people with mental health Mental Health Example: Manchester Troubled Families Mental Health & Policing Mental health represents one of the

most significant and complex challenges for policing in the UK; addressing this matter is core business and should become a priority in all future service planning and delivery at a local level. Lord Adebowale -Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing (2013) Crisis Care Concordat: A Greater Manchester Police Perspective Then

A lack of: Effective communication Information sharing Joined up thinking Shared goals and Now Much improved: Cross agency communication

24/7 MH info access GM wide thinking & planning Clarified goals Trafford: Home Office Innovation Fund Specialist Mental Health Practitioner Pilot This initiative isnt just about reducing demand on an already stretched police service and other emergency services. Its about supporting those vulnerable

people who have previously slipped through the net and encouraging them to accept help and provide them with the right tools to address their issues and improve their quality of life. Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd A mental health nurse was co-located at Stretford Police Station in Trafford initially for 12 months. OUTCOMES:

15% reduction in volume of calls to police (64% reduction in resource demand) 20% reduction in 999 calls to North West Ambulance Service 42% reduction in volume of attendances at the hospital emergency department 58% reduction in the number of bed days due to reduction in hospital inpatient admissions

50% reduction in call volume to the GMW Crisis Resolution & Home Based Treatment Team reducing the number of interventions required. Early findings estimated the scheme could save emergency services and the NHS in excess of 150k per annum. Oldham Phone Triage/RAID Pilot Police officers were able to contact a dedicated 24-hour telephone number for professional advice and assistance

from RAID (Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge) Aim: To improve police decision making and outcomes when responding to a person with mental ill health. 15% of all incidents dealt with by the police include the presence of significant mental health difficulties and problemspolice officers do not typically have ready access to sufficient additional information that would support their decision-making in these types of cases. The Sainsbury Centre (2008) What does the future hold?

Watch this space! Contact details: [email protected] [email protected]

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