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Presentación de PowerPoint

PROJECT COLOMBIA Recognition of the Legal Capacity of Persons with Intellectual and psychosocial Disability through the documentation of good practices August 2010 Responsables Organizations ASDOWN COLOMBIA Parents asociation that represents families and persons with intelectual disability in Colombia More than 400 families in Bogot and an alliance with 10 parents organizations in different cities. Orientation to the families about different aspects specially referent to their children rights. Asdown job 1. Families 2. Change the mind in our society 3. Advocacy with parents and self

advocates. 4. Inclusive education Become aware of the social enviroment Promote the social Inclusion of the intelectual disabled people in our society. 5. Promote de Convention with parents. Organizaciones responsables del proyecto FUNDAMENTAL COLOMBIA Formed by psychosocial persons, their families,trainers and persons involved with mental health.

Developed strategies to promote mental health with persons and their families. Strategic Area Information, comunication and education Organizations and network Human Development and inclusion Advocacy and human rigths International and national cooperation Context CONTEXT: Legal Capacity In Colombia, persons with disabilities are invisibles. intelectual and psychosocial

Independant of their social skills and the development of moral judge to take their own decisions, they cant be citizens. They cant sign a labour contract and they are declared interdiction unable when they are legal age. We obtain in this historic moment that universities, ONGs, and the goverment take into account this topic. Law 1306- Legal capacity is defined by clinical diagnosis, which is contrary to the CRPD. Created without consulting people with disabilities. Project aim Goal of MIW project: To transform the current condition of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, whose rights to exercise their legal capacity and citizenship are not recognized in Colombia. Objective: -To utilize Article 12 of the CRPD to bring various stakeholders together on this topic to work towards

CRPD implementation and advocacy -To document and exchange good practices as a basis for our advocacy work. Making it work Steps Making It Work MIW report documenting two types of good practices on legal capacity: Interviews, success stories of individuals with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities; persons that had the opportunity to take their own decisions (to be published Fall 2010) Analyze the strategies used by them and and their families Successful legislation from other countries on legal capacity that could help to improve Colombian legislation.

Launch of a multidisciplinary Advocacy group (La Mesa) on legal capacity with participation of Universities, civil society organizations, lawyers, Ministry of Social Welfare and the National Council on Disability and the organizations of persons with disabilities. This group analyses the results of the research and systematic documentation of the good practices related to the decision-making and legal capacity and formulates recommendations for policy makers. Generating recommendations for government officials, lawyers and others who work to draft and implement national law, and DPOs/families on how they can contribute to this work.

Advocacy activities utilizing the good practices to work with organizations of persons with disabilities, universities and civil society. In addition to other advocacy activities, a Forum will be held in October, 2010 on the harmonization of law 1306 with respect to the CRPD, addressed to key stakeholders, senators and congressmen and to distribute the Political Statement. Collaboration Policy declaration (MIW Report) Legal Legal capacity capacity concept. concept. Good Good Practices: Practices:

Inividual Inividual experiences; experiences; Legislative Legislative models models (from (from other other countries) countries) Suggestions Suggestions to to reform reform 1306 1306 law law (various (various stakeholders).

stakeholders). Advocacy/Communications activites Legal Capacity Legal Capacity Collaboration Making It Work Asdown Colombia and Fundamental find other important allied that are interested in the transformation of the law and colaborate with the activities development. They are: Inclusion International Families and persons with intellectual and psychosocial disability PAIIS: Andes University - Action Program for equality and social Inclusion

Foro de Colombia Universidad Pedaggica Universidad Catlica Saldarriaga Concha Fundation ICBF ( Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) Inclusion Interamericana Confe de Mexico Down 21 Chile ASDRA de Argentina

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