Request Mast Class IGMC - Headquarters Marine Corps

Request Mast Class IGMC - Headquarters Marine Corps

Inspector General of the Marine Corps Commanders Request Mast Program Updated August 2019 Mast Overview History & purpose of Mast Policy for Requesting Mast Procedures for Requesting Mast Most common findings/failures 2 The History of Mast Naval tradition Commanders interaction with ships crew Dispense punishment Present awards Accept grievances Ships crew had guaranteed

right to speak to their Commander Solutions were not assured 3 Purpose of Mast Convey grievances directly to the Commander Provides a personal Should not dismiss the audience with Commander* Expedite processing of urgent Chain of Concern Should not replace concerns Should employ the entire established staff functions Chain of Command to assist Should never supplant informal discourse * Appearance with Commander should not present a conflict of interest or affect neutrality 4 Request Mast Policy According According to

to Marine Marine Corps Corps Order Order 1700.23G, 1700.23G, it it is is "the "the right right of of all all Marines Marines to to directly directly seek seek assistance assistance from, from, or or communicate communicate grievances grievances to, to, their their commanding commanding officers." officers." AA Marine Marine has has "the

"the opportunity opportunity to to communicate communicate not not only only with with his his or or her her immediate immediate commanding commanding officer, officer, but but also also with with commanders commanders up up to to and and including including aa Commanding Commanding General General (CG) (CG) within within the

the chain chain of of command command at at the the same same base base or or immediate immediate geographical geographical location." location." MCO 1700.23G NAVMC 11296 (form) Are there better avenues of redress? Not appropriate for Mast: o Nuisance requests o Matters dealing w/ UCMJ or ADSEP Contemplated, pending, in progress, or final

o Administrative Actions o Performance Evaluation 5 The Chain of Command Only Officers with NJP Authority may be I&I, OIC, or Acting Up to First General Officer or designated O-6 with GCMCA Marine should forward Mast via the chain of command All Commanders must offer to resolve grievances. Marine is not required to accept Petitioner may withdraw request or accept resolution at any level To be opened by CGs only must be explained in writing usually facilitated by CIGs

Denials by designated Commander submit denial reports via Chain to CG In-person explanations not required 6 Request Mast Procedure NAVMC 11296 (5-19) o Filled out, signed, & dated Role of the Applicant o Be a truthful provider of facts o Forward via the chain of command Role of the Chain of Concern o Expedite request o Do not stop Mast and try to resolve it Role of the Chain of Command

o o o o o o o Expedite audience with the Commander Try to resolve at the lowest level of command Explain disposition, delays, and denials Forward-up if required Report to CG any denials within five working days If there is a denial, it must be explained to the Applicant Personal explanations not required (especially if a conflict of interest exists; consult with SJA) 7 Request Mast Procedure Personal, Personal,contact, contact,and and biographical data. biographical data. WWhat Com hat Commmander is

rer questedander is equested?? WWhat is hat istht e pro he probblem? lem? ired WWhhaat tisisththeeddeessired ssoolulutitioonn?? ititmmuusst tbbee v a id ff a l a LLeeggal affidav ated. d ssigignneeddaanndd dactked. lo tatartrstsththeeCClock S S 8 Request Mast Procedure

ddeer rss n a oommmman C h EEaacch Cdatata. . da - Commander should document any attempt to resolve grievance or engagement with applicant as well as amplify answers to above questions. - The date and time the commander and SNM met should be documented. Commanders NOT taking final disposition shall complete part II. If Marine accepts a subordinate commander from the commander in block 5a, accepted commander can skip Part II and go to Part III. AAnswer nswer CCom om

sisgnmmaannde igneed dr m daand er muusts b nddat daet d. t bee ed. 9 Request Mast Procedure To To uphold uphold faith faith in in the the system, system, we we get get the the Marine Marine quickly quickly before before their their Commander. Commander. Actually Actually resolving resolving the

the issue issue correctly correctly may may take take time, time, and and must must be be tracked. tracked. eemmaayy u s is ; n io positition; isseudiately FFininaal lddisispose mmediately im d lv o s im e

nnoot tbbeer resolved wwitihth k e g nnggaagee clolocck e o t r r to eops ththe c e d n mmaandeate, ,sst tops m o C l omgn & ddate FFininaal C SSi ign & . t n ica t. AAppppl lican 10 Request Mast Procedure

oonnee s t c sseelelectesnt. . t n m nt lica t AApppplicoawnleeddggeeme l aacckknnow AApplic pplicaant an ssign ant anddwwitint ess ign annd da ness d datete. . IfIf aa subordinate subordinate commander, commander, to to the the commander commander in in block block 5a, 5a, is

is accepted accepted by by the the Marine Marine and and resolves resolves the the issue issue that that subordinate subordinate commander commander is is acknowledged acknowledged in in Part Part III III and and the the Request Request for for Mast Mast is is NOT NOT forwarded forwarded any any higher.

higher. ONLY ONLY Commanders Commanders can can be be acknowledged acknowledged in in Part Part III. III. 11 Request Mast Procedure Used when a Marine sees and discloses to a subordinate commander and accepts and understands the disposition. 12 Request Mast Procedure Used when the Marine has seen the Commander designated in 8a and understands the disposition of the complaint. 13 Request Mast Procedure Commanders should make every attempt to hear the Marines presentation of matters before making a decision to deny a

request mast. The commander shall explain to the Marine why the request mast is denied and if appropriate, what procedure must be followed to resolve the issue. 14 Request Mast Procedure Used when the Marine wishes to withdraw the Request Mast of without persuasion. It is a best practice to understand why the Marine is withdrawing the Mast. 15 Legal Requirements Commanders Must: Hold accountable anyone who interferes with the Request Mast process. Ensure no adverse or prejudicial action is taken against a Marine as a result of exercising the right to request mast. 16 Request Mast Follow-Up Commanders must establish and monitor follow-up procedures to ensure

each Request Mast issue is resolved in a timely manner and no adverse or prejudicial action to the interests of the Marine, and disposition from the 17 Marine's Request Mast executed. Most Common Discrepancies in Request Mast Programs Providing details of any actions or attempts to resolve the grievance/ problem in block 10 of NAVMC 11286. - On this date, discussed final disposition with SNM. Lack of tracking system for follow up - Use a tracker; print out contact e-mails and keep them on file Lack of evidence of any command training - Keep class rosters and class materials on file

Failure to destroy Request Mast applications on file after two-years Failure to keep Request Mast files in a protected/locked file that only select individuals have access to Commanders accepting inappropriate Requests for Mast that involve ADSEPs, Military Justice, bad FITREPs, etc. - I still want to stay in the Marine Corps in spite of my involuntary separation Second-hand smoke caused my pop PMO should never have pulled me over I deserved a way better FITREP 18 Questions 19

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