Resume Basics CSW - Walton

Resume Basics CSW - Walton

elcome to Resum Basics August 31, 2017 Overview August 31, 2017 General Guidelines Types of Resumes

Parts of a Resume Cover Letters References Review and Questions GENERAL GUIDELINES August 31, 2017 What is a Resume? A personal summary of your professional history

Qualifications Education Work experience Special skills Activities Honors August 31, 2017 What is the purpose of your Resume Is most often the first impression a potential employer gets of you and is used by an employer to screen applicants The goal of your resume is to sell your skills to an employer so they want to interview you

August 31, 2017 General Guidelines Length: No more than 2 full pages typed Paper: Use 8 1/2 x 11 white paper Keep a 1 inch margin on all four sides of the page Font: 10 to 12 point- avoid the fancy fonts Keep your statements short and to the point Bold- Section Headings only Single space within the sections Double space between sections August 31, 2017 General Guidelines

Target for the position to which you are applying Use clear and concise statements Use active verbs to evoke confidence and authority Use bullets at the beginning of a list Use numbers to show the size, volume, time, money, effort or result of the projects you worked on Proof read for spelling and factual errors Go back from 10 to 15 years on your work experience Dont sell yourself short by understating experience! August 31, 2017 Description Boosting Examples General

Answered phone Ordered supplies Professional Answered telephones and gave information to callers, took messages, or transferred calls to appropriate individuals Planned, administered and controlled budgets for contracts, equipment and supplies Created a healthy environment for customers and maintained

positive public image by wiping tables Wiped tables Think about how a professional August 31, 2017 would perceive each job task What you need to start Dates and names of previous employers Job title and descriptions of positions held Certification and License dates and numbers

Education information Inventory of skills August 31, 2017 The Next Step Locate a desired position Identify desired qualifications and skills

Acknowledge keywords/skills/points in position description August 31, 2017 Types of Resumes August 31, 2017 Reverse Chronological Resume USED BY MOST JOB SEEKERS Preferred by 85% of employers Works to build credibility through experience gained, while illustrating career growth over time

Presents your education and work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent experiences August 31, 2017 Reverse Chronological Resume If still employed enter the word Present or Current as the ending timeframe Include the following Job title Dates from beginning to end, 2011-2013 Name of Company/Organization City, State

Do not include Employer's street address Telephone number Supervisor's name Reasons for leaving that position Salary August 31, 2017 Work Experience Office Manager June 2012 Present Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce Crestview, Florida Welcomes incoming visitor, answered questions from the general public, and

answered the multi-line telephone Prepares various letters, memoranda, reports, scans, and copied documents Receives and processes all invoice payments and handled accounts receivable and payable Maintains, prepares, and updates spreadsheet and databases files using Excel and Access Recruits new members while developing relationships with current members Public Relations Intern May 2011 to June 2012 Mayors Office Destin, Florida Generated business letters for the Mayor Planned public relation tactics for the Mayors anti-litter campaign Conducted interviews with city employees and city council members Aided in the development of the citys new web page

Composed articles for the quarterly City of Destin publication Operations Manager April 2008 - May 2011 YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Managed membership Department including the preparation and accountability of fiscal budget, hiring, training and scheduling of Front Desk personnel Planned, directed, supervised, and coordinated work activities of subordinates Prioritized and resolved Member comments and complaints for all departments to maintain good relationships and branch credibility August 31, 2017Organized monthly Branch Council Meetings, including securing meeting locations, planning lunch menus, notifying Board Members, creating the agenda, preparing Functional Resume

Lists work experience and skills sorted by skill area or job function Works for those making a career change, having a varied work history, those with little work experience (students) or with gaps in employment Used for positions that require a very specific skill set Similar work experiences which require repeating the same points under several job listings August 31, 2017 Clerical Skills Operated office machines, such as photocopiers and scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems, and personal computers Maintained and updated filing, inventory, mailing, and database systems,

either manually or using a computer Opened, sorted, and routed incoming mail, answered correspondence, and prepared outgoing mail Compiled, copied, sorted, and filed records of office activities, business transactions, and other activities Typed, formatted, proofread, and edited correspondence and other documents, from notes or dictating machines, using computers or typewriters Communication Skills Communicated with customers, employees, and other individuals to answer questions, disseminate or explain information, take orders, and/or address complaints Counseled teens in an anti- drug program at Jefferson High School Volunteered as counselor at Teens in Crisis hotline answering incoming hotline answering incoming hotline calls

Training Skills Trained new employers in office procedures Taught basic ball handling skills as assistant coach for Jefferson High August 31, 2017 School basketball team Combination Resume Combination Combines the functional and reverse chronological approaches Leads with a functional list of job skills, followed by a reverse chronological list of employers Similar work experiences which would require repeating the same points under several job listings

August 31, 2017 Trade Skills Welding Set up, operated, or tended welding machines that join or bond components to fabricate metal products or assemblies Corrected problems by adjusting controls or by stopping machines and opening holding devices Inspect, measure, or test completed metal work pieces to ensure conformance to specifications, using measuring and testing devices Operated safety equipment and used safe work habits Welded components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions Metal Working Verify conformance of work pieces to specifications, using squares, rulers, and measuring tapes

Laid out and examine metal stock or work pieces to be processed to ensure that specifications are met Set up and operated fabricating machines, such as brakes, rolls, shears, flame cutters, grinders, and drill presses, to bend, cut, form, punch drill, or otherwise form and assemble metal components Electrical Measured, cut, and bent wire and conduit, using measuring instruments and hand tools Traced out short circuits in wiring, using test meter Stripped insulation from wire ends, using wire stripping pliers, and attached wires to terminals for subsequent soldering Constructed controllers and panels, using power drills, drill presses, taps, saws and punches Relevant Employment Gulf31, Atlantic Electrical Helper June 2012 to April 2015

August 2017 Electrical Construction Peter Brown Construction Welder May 2011 to July 2012 Parts of a Resume August 31, 2017 Your Contact Information Put your name, city and state, phone number, and email address prominently at the top of your resume Avoid non-professional e-mail names Avoid outdated e-mail carriers (AOL, Hot Mail)

Avoid using a nickname to identify yourself Format contact information correctly Remember when cutting and pasting to include the heading Veronica Smith August 31, 2017 Sandy Beach, FL (888) 555-1369 [email protected] Your Goal or Objective This is an optional part of your resume One sentence or statement that states the

position you are applying for Write as a complete sentence or as descriptive phrase with minimal punctuation Tailor for each type of position that interests you and, for best results, modify for each particular employer (as necessary) Can include the job order number if required August 31, 2017 Avoid over generalized statements: A position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and expertise in different areas. Avoid statements that focus only on what a company can do for you: A position where I gain experience in working on Project

Management assignments. Make the statement as specific as possible: A position which allows me to apply my background in engineering and high performance computing to solve biological problems or Seeking an entry-level position as a bookkeeper August 31, 2017 Professional Summary Summarize your area of expertise and/or career interests Relate your existing skills directly to the job you are seeking Be specific in describing your special skills Include:

Number of years worked in a specific area Experience with specific computer programs or tools If youre bilingual If you have a security clearance Military Experience dates August 31, 2017 Professional Summary Attained over 10 years of Management and Supervision experience Managed a team of 8 in an Accounting Office Experienced in Quick Books and Quicken Speaks, reads, and translates Spanish to English and

English to Spanish Possesses a Secret Clearance valid until March 2019 August 31, 2017 Experience Tell how you contributed to or what you did for that employer List your accomplishments on or the requirements of the job Indicate the level of responsibility you were entrusted with

Specific detail will be determined by the relevance to the job you are applying for August 31, 2017 Experience Include information such as company name and location, job title, dates, and duties performed (for Chronological or Combination resumes) Make this section easy to read by using spacing bullets If you started/ran your own business, refer to it by its proper name and your official title. For example, Owner/Manager, ABC Window Cleaning Destin, FL

or Proprietor, Randy Smith, Destin, FL Residential Window Cleaning Service August 31, 2017 Education Do you need this section? Should it be above or below your work experience? Only list the schools where you received a degree, award, or certification Do you list the year you graduated? GPA? August 31, 2017 Education

Education Troy University Troy, AL Bachelors Degree Business OR Education Bachelors Degree, Projected graduation August 2016 Walden University, Walden, WI August 31, 2017 More Tips & Review Begin each bullet with an action verb

Specific detail will be determined by the relevance to the job you are applying for (targeting) If promoted within the company list each job title you have held Do not use words such as my and/or I Prioritize your skills as they relate to the desired position If your work is not directly related, emphasize transferable skills or your accomplishments August 31, 2017 Transferable or

Substitute Skills If you dont have one of the substitute. They want I have Sales Fundraising Interior Design Public Speaking Banking experience Quicken Bookkeeping requirements, offer a Decorating Projects

Presentations Fast Food experience Quick Books Reach into those other area of your life to find the substitute or transferable skills: school, hobbies, and August 31, 2017 volunteering, sports, home projects Cover Letters August 31, 2017 AIDA Attention- Grab their attention by telling why you are submitting your resume

Interest- Rouse their interest by explaining what makes you the best choice Desire- Create a desire to want to meet you Action- Ask for an interview August 31, 2017 Sample Letter using AIDA Jacob Jenkins Des Moines, Iowa 12345 [email protected] (123) 456-7899 May 16, 2017 Dear Mr. Rosco Sweeney: I am enclosing my resume in response to your advertisement for the position of Shipping/Receiving Clerk.

You will note from my resume that I have an extensive background in shipping/receiving including such detailed duties as record keeping, bills of lading, processing claims on damages and shortages, routing, comparison of quantities and order verification as well as use of equipment associated with shipping and receiving. I feel that my experience could be an asset to your company. I look forward to talking with you regarding my qualifications and to arrange an interview to if we are a right fit for the company. Sincerely, August 31, 2017 Jacob Jenkins References August 31, 2017

Reference Sheet Reference Sheet is a separate document Do not include References Available Upon Request Choose professional rather than character references Employers supervisors Professors Volunteer Include the names, addresses, phone number, and

email address of your references Always ask permission before you include any information on your reference sheet August 31, 2017 Give your references a copy of your resume so they Your References Contact Information Professional References Julia Silvers, Administrative Manager Kent Products Inc San Antonio, Texas (111) 222-3333 [email protected] Robert Williams, Department Manager

Spruce Electronics St Paul, Minnesota (123) 456-7899 [email protected] August 31, 2017 Personal References Joy Smith San Francisco, California (999) 987-6543 [email protected] Jason McMurphy Nashville, Tennessee (234) 456-7899

[email protected] Review Your Resume What to look for: Overall Appearance - do you like how it looks? Personal Identification -do they have the correct information to contact you? Sales Appeal -does it sell the needed skills? Typos, Correct Grammar, Word Tense, Punctuation Read rsum backwards Have someone else proofread One typo could cost you an interview! August 31, 2017

Proof Read!!!!!!! Questions??? August 31, 2017

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