Status Report on the Re-evaluation of the Louisiana

Status Report on the Re-evaluation of the Louisiana

Status Report on the Re-evaluation of the Louisiana Coastal Zone Boundary Dr. John Day 08C022009B December 9, 2009 1 PROJECT OVERVIEW Technical and Analytical Support Services to the

Office of Coastal Management for Re-evaluation of the Inland Boundary of the Louisiana Coastal Zone. Task 1 Data Acquisition and Background Review Task 2 Development of Methodology, Data Compilation and Analysis Stakeholder input 08C022009B Task 3 Data Interpretation and Report Preparation 2

1975 Boundary Criteria Regional Topographic Correlative Criteria Geology = Pleistocene/Recent contact Elevation = 5 and 25-ft contours Soils = hydric/non-hydric boundary Vegetation boundary = wetland/non-wetland

One hundred year flood and tidal inundation level Point Location Correlative Criteria 08C022009B Salinity = inland intrusion Range or inland occurrence of brackish water clam, blue crab, fish (e.g., Striped mullet), birds (migrating waterfowl), mammals (e.g., Eastern mole), reptiles (e.g., Fence lizard) 3

2009 Boundary Criteria 08C022009B 4

Vegetation Current elevation Predicted subsidence/sea level rise Inundation - storm surge Watershed boundaries Boundaries of existing coastal programs Methodology An updated inland Coastal Zone Boundary should encompass: all areas subject to coastal processes; and all uses which have the potential to impact coastal waters

08C022009B The degree of management needed will vary by location and use Therefore, a tiered approach is proposed, with each tier defined by science based parameters and criteria to determine regulatory and nonregulatory policies and management scenarios 5 Proposed Tiered Approach TIER 1: Regulation by means of the

Coastal Use Permitting Procedure TIER 2: Regulatory oversight by means of the Consistency Determination Procedure 08C022009B TIER 3: Non-regulatory management through incentive programs and planning initiatives 6 Tiering Criteria Based on Area and Use

08C022009B Some of the factors that affect tiering criteria include Potential effect on coastal waters Nature of proposed land or water use Federally excluded lands (e.g., fastlands, federally-owned lands) Deepwater port, harbor, or terminal district Current land use Elevation (sea level rise, storm surge)

08C022009B Scientific Methodology CZB Decision Matrix

State of LA? Watershed that touches the coast? Area of other LA coastal programs? Area of inundation per MOMS/ADCIRC? Affected by sea level rise (<8 ft)? Below the Pleistocene Terrace? Intermediate, brackish, saline marsh? Freshwater wetland in certain circumstances? 08C022009B Contiguous to marsh in the current coastal zone

Adjacent to water body with tidal influence 9 Watershed that Touches the Coast 08C022009B Activities within these watersheds can have a direct

impact on coastal waters Area of Inundation per Hydrologic Modeling (e.g., MOMS, ADCIRC) 08C022009B Worst case scenario of storm surge Will encompass

areas subject to coastal processes in extreme events 11 12 08C022009B Historical Global Sea Level Rise

08C022009B Additional 3 ft by 2100 08C022009B Area Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise 3 ft expected sea level rise over next century Area below 5 ft may become

wetland Whats 8 ft now will be 5 ft by end of century 08C022009B Chenier Plain 15 08C022009B

Bayou Lafourche 16 08C022009B North Shore 17 Adjustment of CZB 08C022009B

Political boundaries (e.g., parish boundary) Geographic boundaries (e.g., road) Watershed boundaries (12-digit watershed code per NRCS) Socioeconomic factors Energy and infrastructure, marine commerce, coastal recreation, cultural factors, etc. Questions?

08C022009B Dr. Terry Howey Coastal Resources Administrator [email protected]

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