STEREO E/PO Nahide Craig Laura Peticolas UC Berkeley

STEREO E/PO Nahide Craig Laura Peticolas UC Berkeley

STEREO E/PO Nahide Craig Laura Peticolas UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab STEREO E/PO - Outline E/PO Requirements E/PO vs. Marketing and News Media Support Evaluation Criteria INSTRUMENT Education & Public Outreach Programs (E/PO) PROJECT OFFICE IMPACT M. Kaiser, T. Kucera, L. Cusick, Emilie Drobnes, C. Chrissotimos PLASTIC

T. Galvin, J. Gerulskis SECCHI R. Howard, D. J. Michels S/WAVES J. L. Bougeret, S. Bale, R. MacDowall JHU/APL Kerri Beisser, K. Marren J. G. Luhmann, N. Craig, L. M. Peticolas Science Mission Directorate E/PO Requirements

Customer Focus: Programs have been designed to respond to a need identified by the education community, a customer, or a customer group Content: Programs make direct use of NASA content, people or facilities to involve educators, students, and/or the public in NASA science, technology, engineering, and mathematics Pipeline: Programs make a demonstrable contribution to attracting diverse populations to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) Diversity: Programs reach identified targeted group

Evaluation: Programs implement an appropriate evaluation plan to document outcomes and demonstrate progress toward achieving objectives Partnership/Sustainability (leverage): Programs achieve high leverage and/or sustainability through intrinsic design or the involvement of appropriate local, regional, and/or national partners in their design, development, and dissemination. Quality and Feasibility: Proposals/Plans/Summaries have clear goals and objectives that are aligned with the education goals, objectives (outcomes) in the NASA Strategic Plan and NASA Education Strategy Resources Utilization: Programs demonstrate an effective use of funds through the adequacy, appropriateness, and realism of the budget

3 NASA E/PO Evaluation Criteria Pre-2004 Quality, Scope, Realism and tie to science Budget Realism Capability and Commitment of the Team Evaluation Application of Education Standards Contribution to engagement of underserved/underutilized Potential for Programmatic Impact Applicable for 2004 Intrinsic Merit

Quality, Scope, Realism and tie to science Customer Needs Focus (Office of Education Emphasis) Partnerships/Leverage/Sustainability Evaluation Relevance to NASA Objectives Content Pipeline (Office of Education Emphasis) Diversity Cost Budget Realism 4 Education and Public Outreach *not* Public Relations

5 Courtesy of Dr. Cheri Morrow, SSI Project Office EPO Activities Developed two new STEREO posters that are presently in the NASA approval process. One for exclusively EPO with activities/lesson plans. One on the technical aspects of the mission. 3-D glasses have also been redesigned to go with these products. STEREO models in the process of being built. Hosting one high school student intern this summer from

the SEC EPO organization to work with our system engineers. Hosting one college student intern this summer from the NASA University Programs Summer Internship Program to work with mechanical engineers. 6 Project Office EPO Activities (continued) Products that have been developed and are available for distribution to schools, conferences, workshops, etc.:

Mission Information Booklet Bookmarks Pins Pens Decals Scientists and engineers classroom visits. 7 A CD/DVD of the STEREO mission CD/DVD explains the STEREO Mission and its science to students and the general public. The CD will contain text, documents, pictures, animations, video, interviews, and/or the

actual media, documents that are available from the STEREO Mission and its partners. 8 PLASTIC Informal Education Young pilot-to-be checking out the controls of a Blackhawk helicopter a Wright Flyer simulator experiment Super Saturdays is a space science and aviation festival for the general public as part of the national celebration of Astronomy Day. STEREO sponsorship brings many special speakers for the day as well as ASL interpreter for the key programs. 9

PLASTICChrista McAuliffe Planetarium Dr. Toni Galvin, explaining STEREO to a sponsor of the Alex Higgins Space Camp Scholarship Award Dr. Flush (Donald Rethke), the engineer who designed the toilet for ISS explaining his work Dr. Toni Galvin, awarding a scholarship to U.S. Space Camp to one of three winners. SSF are the Planetariums Friday night series of space science and aviation workshops, lectures and activities for teems and families.

10 SECCHI E/PO Key Activities: Museum-quality display / kiosk Enhanced 7660 web site Printed materials, CDs A Classroom Teachers Guide to the Sun TOPS! Top Teachers of Physical Science undergraduate, pre-service, K-8 teachers centered around the physics of the Sun-Earth Connection 11

SECCHI Formal Education An experimental, university physical science curriculum Physics 240 Sun and Earth One semester, 4 credits Introductory physics and astronomy for (K-8) teachers Each topic is related to its expression in the physics of Sun and Earth, and their complex connections, and the excitement of forefront research. SOHO and STEREO researchers interact with students through classroom visits, lab visits, mentoring. 12

S/WAVES E/PO Informal Education S/WAVES monopole antennas Radio wave sonification, using software provided by the STEREO IMPACT team Initially, key radio events will be sonified and highlighted on S/WAVES web page Goal is for all S/WAVES data to be available as audio with the 13 capability for users to modify the sonification characteristics S/WAVES E/PO Formal Education Activities S/WAVES E/PO web-based classroom and outreach activities; developed with master teacher support Development of radio-tracking spacecraft models for classroom use

Two boxes with radio receivers serve as STEREO spacecraft, one transmitter serves as solar burst Students will learn basics of triangulation and tracking Will also be used for geometry-based lessons and for space weather games 14 APL Space Academy Informal Education Students put on clean-room suits and toured the Labs space facilities, including the space environment simulation lab, the vibration test lab, and the satellite communications facility. Event participants - Madhulika Guhathakurta, Andy Driesman, Ron Denissen Comcast Local Edition filming (PSA) in studio Ed Reynolds 15 APL Space Academy Public Outreach Event

October 21, 2004 Space Academy The STEREO E/PO team at APL teamed up with Comcast, Cable in the Classroom, and the Discovery Channel. The students were moved from behind their desks to behind the scenes of a mission at the Applied Physics Lab during Comcast-Discovery Space Academy: STEREO. Giving middle school students a true outer space experience focusing on the STEREO observatories. The students heard a briefing on the mission and the observatory development and took part in a special student press conference

with STEREO team members. 16 APL Formal Education and Web Site Lesson Plan titles: The STEREO Mission: Space Academy Student Activity Make your Own Stereograms Instructions for Constructing a Stereoscope Fact Finding, Discussion and Analysis Available on the STEREO Web Site Fact Sheet Animation Stills Cut Out Model 17 IMPACT Formal Education Products Developed, Reviewed and Printed

Backward design is a design philosophy in which 1) one begins with determining what is worth teaching, 2) Next determines how to asses whether the students have understood what they were taught, and 3) one develops a curriculum using the content and assessment. As part of this process, it is important to start with design considerations and then apply filters (or design criteria) during each stage.

We provide workshops for teacher professional development At national conferences (SACNAS and NSTA) And with the LHS GEMS program at UC Berkeley Reaching 192 teachers directly, 88 students per teacher = 16896 students 18 IMPACT Public Outreach Activities C L A S S R O O M Scientist

Involvement Participating in public events is part of the general outreach effort, as is our E/PO website. Public Events 19 IMPACT Eclipse 01 STEREO Scientists Participation 20 IMPACT Informal EducationSonification and Web Site

Scientists have translated Sun-Earth Connection data into sound from regions marked on the figure. This data can be mapped to sounds in the audible range. Auroral Chorus This may mean AKR SEP lowering a wave frequency or associating a data quantity with an audible frequency. We call this mapping data to sounds, or Electrons, Iron, Oxygen Ions sonification. Sounds of Space: Center for New Music and Audio Technologies:

21 Aims of the Project Science: create sonic representations of data and find new approaches to displaying multi-channel, multi-source data (like STEREO) Education: create new methods of introducing and interacting with key concepts in science and music Music: create tools for creative exploration of sound using solar data as a rich generative material Stereo Incandescence: A new collaboration with SWAVES and Center for New Music & Audio Technologies of UCB 22 Sonification Software Developed Examples Science: A computer realization of carbon flux

Music: An excerpt from Roberto Morales orchestral composition Turning Point incorporating scaled Helios data 23 ALL-STEREO E/PO WISH Museum-quality display / kiosk To be developed in collaboration with all the STEREO Experimenter groups To feature panels explaining each instrument and its role in the science of the 3D heliosphere A centerpiece to highlight 3 Dimensional aspect of STEREO imagery 24

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