Student Finance 2012/2013 Contents Full Time Higher Education

Student Finance 2012/2013 Contents  Full Time Higher Education

Student Finance 2012/2013 Contents Full Time Higher Education - Eligibility Criteria - Financial Support Available - Exceptions Part Time Higher Education How to apply What happens next? Repayments Further Education Awards

Eligibility Criteria There are three main conditions you must meet: Be personally eligible have lived in the UK and Islands for at least 3 years before the start of your course and living in Northern Ireland on the first day of the academic year in which your course begins Must attend an approved college a University or College in the UK or ROI that is maintained out of public funds, CAFRE, certain private colleges Must attend an approved course degree, HNC, HND, Dip HE, Foundation degree Financial support available Tuition fee loan

All eligible students can take out a loan for the amount charged by the institution (NI institutions 3465 per year, remainder of the UK max 9000 per year) Amount charged depends on your country of residence, not on a passport Fees paid direct to your institution by SLC No income assessment involved Pay back only when you are earning more than 15,795 per year Financial support available Maintenance Loan Max 6,780 if living away from parents home and

studying in London Max 4,840 if living away from parents home and studying outside London Max 3,750 if living at home Maintenance loan is means-tested The loan is reduced if you receive a Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant Financial support available Maintenance Grant/Special Support Grant Non-repayable grant for students from low income households (< 41,065) Full grant where household income < 19,203

Worth up to 3,475 a year depending on household income SSG is available to students who are eligible for income support or housing benefit (benefits not reduced) Not available for students studying in ROI Financial support available Studying in the ROI No Tuition Fees. Flat rate charge of 2250 paid to institution for you by local SFni office. If required to pay 2250 on enrolment day, ensure PN1 application is returned to local SFni office to enable this fee to be refunded by your institution. Eligible for a means tested bursary of up to 2000

where income < 23,605 and maintenance loan. Transfer or repeat students will be charged full tuition fees (not payable by SFni) Financial support available Extra Help with Living Expenses Parents Learning Allowance Childcare Grant Adult Dependants Grant See Application form or contact Student Finance for further details Financial support available Disabled Students Allowance

A range of help available which is not means tested on household income Specialist equipment allowance of up to 5,266 for the whole course Non-medical helpers allowance of up to 20,938 per year General allowance of up to 1,759 per year Extra travel costs as a result of the disability Contact the Disability Adviser at your institution for an assessment of what support you will require. Financial support available Help from your Institution Access Bursary NI institutions

Extra (non-repayable) grant for students who are in receipt of full (or in some cases partial) Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant No separate application involved eligibility determined through your Student Finance application Each institution offers different amounts of support Similar support throughout the UK contact institution for details. Assessment process Student Finance NI assesses household income based on: Your gross taxable income (excluding any earnings during institution term-time and holidays);

PLUS Gross taxable income of parent(s) / partners / step-parents; LESS Deductions for payments into pension funds and 1,153 for each other dependent child in the household This does not apply to Independent students Living cost support 2012/13 Income Maintenance Lodging Rate Maint Grant of Loan Plus Loan Grant

19,203 3,475 2,953 6,428 25,000 2,201 3,289

5,490 35,000 689 4,151 4,840 41,065 50

4,790 4,840 53,035 0 3,630 3,630 Exceptions

Health Professional degrees in NI income assessed bursary of 2355 (2011/12 rate), reduced loan of 2370 and Tuition fees paid in full Health Professional degrees elsewhere in UK reduced loan and NHS bursary Nursing degrees / diplomas in NI, Scotland and Wales not eligible for any funding from SFni Nursing degrees in England reduced loan and NHS bursary. Diplomas in England no support Social Work degrees in NI additional funding from DHSSPS of non-means tested grant and contribution towards work based learning expenses

Part-time HE Courses HE part time courses must be at least one years duration and at least 50% of a full time course. Support for eligible students will consist of: A means tested Tuition fee grant of up to 1,230 A means tested grant of up to 265 Disabled Students Allowance How to apply Paper application forms available from school or your local Student Finance NI office or download an application form at Complete form fully and return to your local Student

Finance NI office Pay correct postage (1st class not sufficient) Apply as soon as possible and check your application online EU Students should apply to the EU Team in Darlington How to apply Information required You must provide the following information with your application form Original UK Birth certificate or valid Passport. A Birth certificate must be accompanied by an identity confirmation form National Insurance Number

Your bank account details Details of your income and that of your household What happens next? Application acknowledged and you receive Customer Reference Number (EMA students retain same number) SFni determines whether you are eligible for support and amount due SLC sends notification of how much support you will receive and when

Take your notification to University at enrolment stage Your University confirms enrolment SLC pays your support each term by BACS What you must do Tell SFni of any change in your circumstances as this may affect your entitlement e.g. Name / marital status Address (home / lodging) Transfer / Suspension / Withdrawal from course / college.

Absence Drop in parents income Things you need to know If you withdraw from your course during the year you may not be eligible for a Tuition fee loan, but some institutions may still charge you fees which you will have to pay If you are on a placement / abroad as part of your course you may not receive any support other than a reduced loan (check first with SFni) If you follow an HND/Dip HE course and move on to year 1 of a degree course you will not receive a Tuition fee loan or a maintenance grant for year 1 of the degree If you change course/repeat a year more than once you

may have to self-fund part of your course. If you receive a grant and your entitlement is reassessed to a smaller grant/no grant at all the SLC will demand repayment from you immediately You must reapply each year to get support Repayments You only repay Student Loans (Fees and maintenance) once you have left your course and are earning over 15,795 a year. Repayments are based on what is earned, e.g. earnings at 25,000 pay back 69 a month Current interest rate is 1.5% You do not repay any grants received unless you

withdraw from your course or a re-assessment is required How to contact us By telephone on: 0845 6000 662 By post or personal visit: Student Finance NI 3 Charlemont Place The Mall Armagh, BT61 9AX Visit our web site at: Further Education Awards

For certain lower level courses Payment of approved Tuition fees A grant (maximum 2092) Closing Dates: Full time - 31 August 2012 Part time - 28 September 2012 Guaranteed funding where fully completed applications are received by 30 June. Apply to: Student Finance NI Further Education Awards Section 1 Hospital Road Omagh Telephone: 028 8225 4546 Email: [email protected]

Further Guidance Student Finance NI has endeavoured to detail every aspect of the application process and possible funding available to students entering Further/ Higher Education. If you have any questions that are not covered in this presentation please read the Guide to Financial support booklet, check out the web-site or contact the Customer Services Office on 0845 6000 662 for further assistance.

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