The Earth's Interior

The Earth's Interior

The Earths Interior What is the Earth made of? Whats inside of it? Inside the Earth The Earth is made up three major compositional layers Each layer is defined by their physical properties

and compositions These layers are further divided into five mechanical layers Inside the Earth Physical Properties Temperature: how hot or cold something is Density: the amount of mass (of the substance) in a given space

Ability to flow: Composition Composition: the make-up of something; the different mixtures of elements So whats inside the Earth? Earths Three Compositional Layers The Core

(composed of the outer core and inner core) The Mantle (composed of the athenosphere and mesosphere) The Crust (part of the lithosphere)

The Earth as an Avocado The Core (the avocados seed) The Mantle The Crust (the avocados skin) (the green meat of the avocado)

Earths Interior iPad app: Planet Earth 3D You may download it now. The Crust Outermost layer of the Earth

The part that we live on Hence why we know the most about this layer Thinnest layer of the Earth 5-100 km thick Less than 1% of the Earths mass

The Crust TWO TYPES Continental crust: Composition similar to granite Average thickness of 30 km Oceanic crust: Composition similar to basalt Generally 5-8 km thick More dense than continental crust

The Mantle The Layer of the Earth between the crust and the core Extremely thick 2,900 km thick Contains most the Earths mass (67%)

We havent seen what the mantle really looks like (too far down) Inferences made about its composition and other characteristics based on observations made on the Earths surface Sometimes mantle rock is pushed up to the surface (the crust) by tectonic forces, so we can analyze the rock directly The Mantle

Molten rock from (underwater) volcanoes are windows into the Mantle Composed of large amounts of iron and magnesium (mineral olivine) The Core Extends from the bottom of the mantle to the center of the Earth

35% of the Earths mass 6, 856 km in diameter The planet Mars is smaller than the Earths core Composed mostly of IRON ,

Some small amounts of nickel, sulfur and oxygen too Earths Five Main Physical /Mechanical Layers Earths Five Main Physical /Mechanical Layers Outside In:

1. Lithosphere 2. Athenosphere 3. Mesosphere 4. Outer core 5. Inner core The Lithosphere Outermost, rigid layer of the Earth

Translates to rock sphere Made up of: THE CRUST Rigid upper part of the mantle

Pieces of tectonic plates The Asthenosphere Weak sphere Soft layer of the mantle on which pieces of lithosphere move

Made of solid rock that flows very slowly The Mesosphere Lies beneath the athenosphere Strong lower part of the mantle

Extends from bottom of asthenosphere down to the core Outer Core Liquid layer of the Earths core Lies beneath the mantle

Surrounds inner core Inner Core Solid, dense center of the planet, Earth Lies 6,378 km beneath the surface

At the very center of the Earth Responsible for the Earths magnetic field

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