Unit In-Brief

Unit In-Brief

Force Readiness Assistance and Assessment Program ( FRAAP ) 13 July 09 FRAAP MISSION MISSION: Provide Commander, Marine Forces Reserve with an accurate assessment of the readiness for mobilization of SMCR units Improve Force readiness by providing training and assistance to SMCR units as required

Deploy, Fight, Win, Survive focus 13 July 09 Change from MORDT to FRAAP FRAAP replaced MORDT effective 1 October 2007 by order of Commander, Marine Forces Reserve Purposes of change to FRAAP: - Provide more relevant information, regarding force readiness, to CMFR - Enhance force readiness by placing greater emphasis on assistance 13 July 09

Change from MORDT to FRAAP Significant changes: From 7 Assessment Areas to 4 Assessment Areas Manpower Logistics Personnel Administration Medical/Dental FRO & BCP (courtesy look) 13 July 09 References MCO 5040.6H Marine Corps Inspections

MCO 3060R.17B (MORDT) ForO 3060.17A (MORDT) Note: USMC and MFR orders currently being revised by MFR G-7 to reflect the change from MORDT to FRAAP 13 July 09 Two main components of FRAAP: ASSIST Provide instruction and training to assessed units as required, requested and appropriate. Identify and recommend best practices throughout the Force.

ASSESS Provide Commander, Marine Forces Reserve with a relevant and timely assessment of SMCR unit mobilization readiness. Identify unit-specific mobilization challenges. Identify systemic (multi-unit) mobilization readiness issues. 13 July 09 Evaluation System FRAAP OIC AND CIG recommend grade: - DEPLOYMENT CAPABLE - DEPLOYMENT CAPABLE WITH ASSISTANCE COMMANDER, MARINE FORCES RESERVE assigns final grade

13 July 09 NOTIONAL FRAAP TEAMS MEDICAL LOGISTICS ADMIN Ops Chief SAO Team Summary SAO Executive Summary

FRAAP Team FRAAP OIC CMFR DECISION 13 July 09 Coordinating Instructions Muster Formation - Excused Absences/Exemptions Discrepancy Procedures Adhere to Deadlines

Conflict Resolution Remains the Authority of SAO Minimize Impact on Unit Training 13 July 09 FRAAP Deliverables FRAAP Team OUT- BRIEF Unit After-Action Report to MFR CIG

- Assessment Recommendation - 10 Days post FRAAP Assessment - Findings Need narrative summary! - Personal Recognition SAO Executive Summary - Submitted to CMFR through FRAAP OIC and MFR CIG

13 July 09 Unit Corrective Action Report (As Required) via Chain of Command to MFR CIG - 45 Days post FRAAP Assessment Notional Schedule Wednesday - MFR CIG rep, Reachback and FRAAP Team participate in pre- FRAAP conference call

Thursday - SAO (Ops Chief) initiates recall (as directed) Saturday - Continue Assistance and Assessments - Conduct FRAAP OutBrief - Submit Reports - FRAAP Team deploys to site Sunday Friday - FRAAP Team arrives, conducts In-brief

- De-conflict Inspection and Training - Unit Command Brief (if available/Tour Reserve Center) - Conduct Assistance and Assessments - Conduct informal debriefs 13 July 09 - FRAAP Team redeploys Questions? 13 July 09

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